G. L. : Central of Colombia :   
Mejias Giovanni Castellanos , Omer Medina Tirana

G. L. : North of Colombia :
Michel Herrera Ivàn

Rite Ancient and Primitive Memphis Mizraim (Argentina ) :
Carmen Daester

Omega Lodge of State of New York :
Louis Daly

United Grand Lodge of Parana
Jefferson Scheer, Balmiro Silva, Sergio Vieira

Serenisima G. L. : Spanish Language of New York :
Dante Novoa

Grand Orient Latino Americano:
Renè Monsalve

Mixed Grand Lodge of Chile :
Diego Lagomarsino, July Encina, Mercedes Luzio, Sergio Troncoso, Gladys Estrada
Claudia Elgueta, Elena Bon, Victor Martinez, Waldo Lopez, Ana Amaro, Monica Garat, Mario Carvacho, Laura Corvalan, Flor Duarte.

Golac :
Mathias Bomgui

G. L. : Spanish Symbolic :
Ascension Tejerina, José Luis Cobos

Gabriel Nzambila / President
Marc- Antoine Cauchie / Past President

G. L. : Women Chile :
Alicia Veas


we proceed with the invitation of the Grand Senior Warden of GLMDCH, Brother Encina Ortega to take over the minutes as Secretary.
The Constituent of the assembly meeting, attended by delegations from the Grand Lodges and special Guests and Observers as well as
other brothers, the Grand Master   Diego Lagomarsino, then read to the call, attached is this Founding Act.
After reading the act, the assembly yielded the floor to the Grand Junior Warden of GLMDCH , QHA. Luzio Mercedes Benitez who announced
that the brother Edgar Martinez and his wife Masdeu Cussy, withdrew from the Masonic home, because " they were being invited to participate in
the founding of an American Masonic entity and not European ones causing them to leave ."

Many who were there expressed their opinions and Brother Diego read over the paragraph of the convocation relating to the special guests and observers
who are present reminding them to only contribute their experiences if necessary, but not as founding members, although their views should be exposed partly
for reasons expressed  in the meeting, however they will prevail in the outlines of the convocation.
Announcing the regretful absence of the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Puerto Rico. , brother Diego, grants permission to speak to Brother
Sergio Troncoso, past G. : M.: of GLMDCH to inform the trend statistics studied during the months prior to this event, in order to bring the meeting according
to the signed parameters. .
With the different views expressed by the delegates , it was agreed to appoint work committees , with a mission to meet, discuss and present their summaries
of agreements and report to this Constituent Assembly which will take the sovereign decisions .

Brother Novoa Dante suffers stomachache   and had to be excused, giving a letter of procuration to another member in order to represent his GL :

A recess for the celebratory meal at 13:00 Occurs .

At about 14 hours the committees continue with their works.

Working Committees and other brothers constituted force and effect at Temple No. 2, and Sister Gladys Estrada Valenzuela assumed the charge of clerk.


All are pleased to formalize the proposed accord , if  the following basic points are determined and considered as integral parts of the Statutes must be worded :

1 -) That would not exist Presidents, only a GENERAL SECRETARY and two Secretaries of Communications and Education.

2 -) It is agreed that Brother Ivàn Michel Herrera accepts the position of Secretary General with the task of drafting the Statutes.

3- ) Year 2004 is set to Draft the statutes of the organization.

4 -) They agreed that  " Canferencia American Masonic " COMAAM is denominated.

5 -) It is agreed that the first Assembly would work in Barranquilla, and  brother Ivàn Herrera, said that will consult your GL.’. North of Colombia, in order to be sure.

6 -) It is determined that the date of the Assembly would be in February 2005, days to be determined.

7 -) Brothers are encouraged to invite all GG : LL : from America to join  COMAAM , especially those that are already part of CLIPSAS .

8- ) That for the operation of this new institution, the GG : . . . LL: Membership fee will not be charged.

9-) The GL : Hostess make a budget for the event  which will be share equally by those attending the Assembly.

  After approving all the items specified, Grandmaster Diego Lagomarsino, highlights the great harmony that was made at this historic meeting, regrets the
absence of the delegation of the GL . Nacional de Puerto Rico and thanks on behalf of the GLMDCH as delegations all of the Founders, the Special Guests
and Observers participants, and invites them to the cocktail that will be served in their honor.

At 17:58 pm on May 24, 2004 , we retired in peace with the accomplishment , S. F. : U:

Secretary Minutes