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Dear Sisters and dear brothers of America

As Secretary-General, I welcome you to the official website of the American Masonic Conference, COMAM. This Masonic organization, formed by Grand Lodges and Grand Orient of the American continent, was created in Santiago de Chile in order to serve as a nexus and union of the Liberal and adogmatic, male, female and mixed Obediences that aim at the work of individual perfection with absolute freedom of conscience. The purpose of the American Masonic Conference (COMAM) is to strengthen the chain of Union between the Obediences Member, without setting themselves up as a supraobediencia, respecting the freedom of each of them and without interfere in their decisions. We have a basic premise to work and to unite the dispersed and we invite all American orders to join our hands in a great chain of love and brotherhood.

Fraternal Greetings to all.
Waldo López Belmar
Secretary General



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2013 - Lima Peru "How to reformulate the meaning of the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity today"