The functions and responsibilities of the Secretary / Education are the following :


• Moderate the Debate in Colloquia COMAM and be in charge of the Symposium and draw their conclusions, which will be approved by the Plenary ;

• Ensure that the Lodges have received the title of the work for the next Colloquium ;

• Receive and make sure that the Obediences send in the work they did for the Colloquium in the format that is defined (eg, Arial 12 , A4 page , 1.5 -spaced , etc. );

• Verify that the presentations are posted , if applicable, on the web page COMAM ;

• Follow up with Obediences Member COMAM to verify diffusion and dissemination of papers presented at the Symposium within the Lodges .

• Maintain contact with the representative defined by each Obedience to facilitate communication and establish a Master data ;

• Be an interactive reference for consultation on issues Obediences Member Masonic teaching. Encourage research on Masonry in the Americas.


The functions and responsibilities of the Secretary of Communications are the following :

• Communication Being an essential link in the structure COMAM , Secretary a should be the focal point of this communication.

• Maintain regular link with Obediences Member COMAM in both directions, so that it is visible that we have a living and active organization;

• Be responsible for the Official Communications Organization , with full knowledge and approval of the Secretary General .

• Editing a Bimonthly Newsletter to allow diffusion of the activity of Masonry in the Americas, particularly the Member COMAM Lodges, which may only electronically. The Bulletin also contains an overview of Masonry;

• Be aware of the evolution of the WEB page COMAM in permanent contact with the manager of this page, to ensure that the content of which represents the institutional perspective COMAM ;

• Being a leader in the dissemination and marketing of COMAM and Obedience Member. Maintaining links with Social Media;

• Maintain contact with the representative defined by each Master Obedience and establish a database ;
Both the Secretary Education and  Communication have to coordinate their works  with the Secretary
General . At the end of its mandate should provide to his successor a document containing the proceedings
and the process to achieve the tracking of outstanding issues that require action.

Valle de Montevideo, March 24, 2011